We have recently received complaints and read many negative reviews on the internet about regulated binary options brokers using indecent practice towards traders. Although some binary brokers may be regulated, we do not recommend opening a trading account with ANY broker, be it a regulated broker or a non regulated broker, as THEY ALL seem to be unethical and non-trustworthy, even the regulated ones! If you have been scammed by such a company you can check out our RECOVER FUNDS FROM BINARY SCAMS section.

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Binary scam or total legit? Testing the Binary Trust Method

Update: Website is Down

We get a lot of emails and comments from followers who are using the various binary options signals and auto traders, and in many cases these remarks draw our attention to systems which seem profitable, or on the other extreme – the ruthless and annoying scams.

In the case of the Binary Trust Method released recently, the feedback implies that it is a profitable and legitimate service.

We did get two complaints, however. In these two cases, the complaints were about lower profits than advertised. However when we looked into the cases we realized that these people have deposited into their accounts the smallest possible amount, and have been able to double and even triple their account within less than two weeks.

In one case, the account started with $250 and ended $520, and in the second case the account started with $300 and ended $1125!
This kind of performance is remarkable by any standard, but the clients didn’t appreciate it because the website claims a profit of $2100 per day. It is possible to achieve these kinds of profits, but not with a deposit of $250.

We’ve written to the Binary Trust Method developers and advised that in order for people to understand what kinds of profits they can expect, the website should explain the connection between deposit size and risk per trade.

Having said that, doubling the account within two weeks is impressive, and we wish that most other binary options strategies would even approach that. It also prompted us to start scrutinizing and testing this offering our selves.

We started by looking at the video in the Binary Trust Method website. The video is long and contains testimonials and explanations about the method.

One of the interesting points pertains to their business model – they do not charge a fee for their services, but a profit share of 5% of client’s profits. For example, if last month you made a profit of $1000 using the software, then you would transfer $50 out of it to the developers of

This could be a good sign, implying that they do believe that their software works as advertised, and is able to produce sizeable enough profits for the clients

We opened the required brokerage account and deposited $250 which is the minimal sum. Within less than an hour from starting the process, we were ready to use the software and set up.

The test was conducted using “auto trading” mode. We didn’t want to use manual signals, since we wanted this evaluation to reveal only what their software can do, without affecting the results ourselves.

We tested the software initially for two weeks. The first week ended with a profit of $430 which we found to be excellent – account almost doubled in just a single week.

The second week was slightly less profitable, at $350, but nonetheless very nice profit made. We’ve also taken the opportunity to verify the honesty of the broker by requesting a withdrawal of our initial investment of $250.

Since we withdrew the original investment, this was now a “free ride” – we cannot lose our investment anymore. Currently we continue running the system of course.

Taking into consideration our testing, in addition to the comments from followers who reported they’re making excellent profits with we can conclude that this really is an honest offering able to produce profits to its users, and definitely not a scam!