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Insider Info: = BDB, Has BDB (Banc de Binary) Really Shut Down or Did They Just Switch to a New Unregulated Brand?

We are Pretty Much Certain That = BDB

Screenshot of, BDBs New Unregulated Brokerage
Screenshot of, BDBs New Unregulated Brokerage

The Re-branding Game – Its No Secret

It is known in the industry that when a broker gets “burned” meaning that no one wants to trade with the brokerage anymore because they have such a negative reputation, the brokerage will at times start a new brand with a new website and start “from scratch”. But the truth is that in most cases the firm does not exactly start from scratch, they will many times use the same exact marketing networks and media buying highways as they used prior with their old brand.

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Some brokerages even move their whole entire database of clients to the new brokerage, making is obvious that the new brand is owned by the same company as the older brand that is now “burnt”. In an Interview with Finance Magnates, on of the top BDB managers said that their reputation had been hurt so badly that they have to shut down now. It was a big surprise to many of us, because BDB was the biggest brokerage in the industry, no one ever could imagine that they would shut down.

No one could also imagine that they would up and start a brand new brand, an unregulated one, within less than a year. We have received some insider information from a trustworthy source that is BDBs new brand and we are certain of the validity of this sources information.

Here are some of the known facts:

  • The owner of BDB is one of the owners of
  • %36 of’s Traffic comes from
  • Both Websites are Hosted on same C-block intersection [ and]
  • is also Hosted on same C-block intersection as both binary brands

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