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Is Daweda Exchange Regulated?


Daweda Review – CySEC Regulated Binary Options Broker Exchange

Daweda Exchange is a Europe regulated binary options broker licensed by CySEC and regulated, approved platform (license number: 289/16) that offers the first unique and profiting experience in trading binary contracts. Before I go into further detail about the extra-ordinariness that Daweda Exchange provides, I will briefly explain what a binary contract is for those of you who may not know.

Licensed and Regulated – Daweda Exchange Ltd CySEC License Number: 289/16 || Daweda Exchange Ltd CySEC License Number: 289/16 || Daweda Exchange Ltd CySEC License Number: 289/16

What is a Binary Contract – Daweda

A binary contract is when a seller agrees to sell the value, or partial value, of any given asset they have at an agreed upon price. The buyer then buys the value of the asset, not the actual asset itself. Allow me to elaborate. In this proposed fictional account, you are going to be the buyer. Now, you buy a contract, let us say the value of the contract is equivalent to twenty dollars, and the underlying asset to your chosen contact happens to be Microsoft, holding a level of 406. If the level is higher when the contract expires, then you, the buyer, cashes out depending on the level that Microsoft has achieved in the market. If it is one point, specifically the level is 407, then your money doubles, transforming your twenty dollars into forty. The higher the level, the more rewarding this return will be. Trades that have been associated to binary contacts are usually mediated by a broker, someone who handles all communication and, therefore, charging a hefty service fee. However, with the innovations created by Daweda Exchange, these fees will never occur again, for with Daweda exchange, there is no broker involved.

Daweda does act as mediator, but the difference is that the buyer and seller directly are in contact with one another. Daweda assures everything goes accordingly and smoothly, guaranteeing a fair-trade experience. This ground-breaking feature presents a transaction free of communicative error and, more importantly, less money paid out to a broker for brokerage fees. Essentially, with Daweda, you get a safe, mediation for a low flat rate of fifty-cents for every contract ended. This amazing deal for both buyer and seller is just one of the many perks offered by Daweda Exchange.

Setting your own prices and deciding how many binary contracts you want to trade gives you full control of trades. Adding to this great asset, Daweda Exchange offers features that enable both the buyer and seller to conveniently and reliably view all available offers. With Daweda Exchange’s services, and for the first time ever, you will have the power to choose what you want to trade, how you want to go about trading it, and when you want to trade it. This feature will be available to you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It is difficult to believe that such a great feature exists, and this has surely brought innovation to the way people trade.

Daweda Orderbook

One of my favorite accommodations offered by Daweda Exchange, better described as a luxury, is their revolutionary tool, Orderbook. This helpful asset grants traders full access to the availability of potential buyers and sellers, giving Daweda Exchange account holders the freedom to take their time to conclusively come to a profitable decision. With so many great benefits to share, Daweda Exchange is, by far, one of the most reliable and convenient platform on the market.