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Is Hello Markets Regulated?

Hello Markets Location

Providers for Hello Markets Technologies are based in Cyprus, EU and have offices based in London and Hong Kong. This platform does not only provide platforms for a number of online trading types include binary options trading but also offers full support for regulating processes. Currently Hello Markets Technologies are cooperating with more than 110 brokers from various online trading industries.

History and Background

Although Hello Markets Technologies was a binary brokerage company at first, it took a whole new turn and rebranded itself as a platform provider for various types of online trading. However the company’s experience in binary trading does give it an edge over all its competitors by helping them understand both traders and brokers better.


Hello Markets Technologies is focused on helping its clients avail top notch security whether they happen to be brokers or traders and are depositing or withdrawing money. The company has specifically developed its Security token that prevents annoying hackers and all its previous employs from accessing the private data stored on the company’s servers.

Regulatory Status

As per the official website of the company it is entirely regulated. If you visit the website and check for regulations you will find that Hello Markets Technologies is deeply committed to the success and best interests of all its partners. If you contact the company they will advise you properly regarding the best regulation that is needed for your company and will also provide you with options that are suitable and convenient as relevant to your country.

It is advisable that you visit the office website for Hello Markets Technologies so that you can know more and be able to decide for yourself. The company’s Cyprus office is in Limassol and is situated at the heart of the European Financial Regulation.