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Is TechFinancials Regulated?

TechFinancials – A Stepping Stone Towards Success


ESMA, CFTC and JFSA and regulatory bodies in the USA, Japan and Europe. The TechFinancials platform helps brokers using its binary options platform with getting regulated and is indeed up to par with the framework being built by CySEC for binary options regulation.

One of the Best Binary Options Platforms Available

A binary options trader who doesn’t know about TechFinancials doesn’t know anything about Binary Options. I may be wrong, but, the trading Gurus know how important a platform is TechFinancials. Founded in 2009, TechFinancials is a very powerful name in the world of Online Trading, which unites the mass market and the professional traders at a single platform. Arguably, one of the very best trading platforms, TechFinancials is the heaven for binary options aspirants with all the opportunities and innovative trading technologies.

It is lauded as one of the most trustworthy online trading platforms because of the fact that it is being regulated by the best regulatory authorities of the world; TechFinancials holds numerous regulatory licenses including the most important one CySEC, Japan’s FFAJ and also from CFTC. Being regulated by top-notch authorities speaks volumes for the credibility of the platform. It is also listed on LSE AIM market (London Stock Exchange), no other binary options technology provider has ever made it to this list, yet another massive achievement.

What Makes TechFinancials Special?

Being lauded as the very best online trading platform, TechFinancials must have something special to offer which keeps it constantly at the top of the list. Well, in this case, there is not just something special, but a lot of specialties, which the trading world seems to like a lot. Here are a few specialties of this fascinating platform:

  • Accurate Real-time Pricing

One of the pivotal element in binary options trading is the asset’s price at the time of the trade. It is imperative to be aware of the real time pricing to have a better chance of success. With its sophisticated price engine Orca+, you’re always able to keep up with the fluctuations happening in the market. You are always aware of the real-time and accurate pricings of the assets being traded in the trading world.

  • Swift Execution

Timing is the heart and soul of the binary options trading. You’re late one second and you might suffer a loss; one second earlier, you’d have won some amount of money. The quality of a trading platform is determined by the reaction time and swiftness of the execution of a trade: TechFinancials does have a very fast execution time. Especially in terms of short term options, split seconds decide the fortunes of the traders.

  • Dedicated App for Smartphones

In a world of fierce competition, everyone is busy, yet people find time to use their smartphones. TechFinancials has seized the opportunity by creating an extremely efficient and user-friendly app for IOS and Android phones. It takes minimal time to process a trade and the ease of use is right up there.

  • Numerous Types of Options

TechFinancials takes care of its valued traders and brokers by providing support for multiple options contract. From ‘Standard’ to ‘High Risk’ and ‘Short Term’ to ‘Long Term’, TechFinancials offers all kinds of options to enhance the trading experience of the platform users. The ‘Fixed Strike’ or ‘Ladder Option’ and ‘Boundary Options’ are also there to be experienced and to make full use of them.

  • Rollover and Double Up Features

These are special tools offered by TechFinancials through which you can extend the expiry time of a trade and double the amount of investment with a single click respectively. These features have their terms and conditions which are to be kept in mind while trading.

  • Software Features

TechFinancials offers a comprehensive, compact trading solution to all the brokers using the platform. Content Management System, MT4 plug-in, back and front end support, Orca+, web-based platform and an API solution which enables integration with foreign CRMs and whatnot. In short, TechFinancials provides a cutting edge trading solution to have the best user experience while trading.

Partner Brokers

Dedication to the craft always pays off, doesn’t it? World class trading environment and innovative solutions offered by TechFinancials has made them rise like a giant force in the trading world, which, in turn, has attracted top-notch brokers from around the world especially the award winning broker, 24 Options. Not just 24 Options, but also 2Selections, Boss Capital, Binary International, OptionsClick, 33Options, Exbino, Option99, Planet Option, FRX Banque, OptionsFair, OptionsXO, Vantage FX etc. are among those brokers which are using this amazing trading platform. No wonder why the best of brokers are opting for TechFinancials!


Offering a plethora of outstanding features, TechFinancials is surely one of the best trading platforms to trade on. Being a leader in innovation, TechFinancials has introduced so many cool trading features which have definitely the caught the eyes of the traders and no wonder it has soared so high in the recent times. While there may be room for improvement, there always is, TechFinancials is a platform where you can begin your trading career, with a good broker.