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Is TradeSmarter Regulated?

TradeSmarter Technologies happen to be one of those initial binary options brokers to exist in the industry. However the company today has turned into a trading platform entirely. TradeSmarter Technologies was established in the year 2008 and was one of the very first binary options trading service providers. It was this reason the company was able to chunk up quite a huge portion of the European Binary Options trading industry. Today TradeSmarter Technologies has become a leading company where Australian Binary Options trading industry is concerned. The platform is under high end procedures for regulations under CySec (Cyprus Securities and Investment Commission), the main financial regulation authority based in Cyprus.

TradeSmarter Technologies provides its clients with full turnkey solutions that help them expand their business and also offer their own clients with multi-asset binary trading platforms. The company has vital experience where trading in regulated markets is concerned. TradeSmarter Technologies offers its clients the highest conversion ratios and the biggest ROI in the industry. Without a doubt, this particular company has made it easier for brokers to bring up binary options platforms for their clients online trading.

With TradeSmarter Technologies acquiring, converting, retaining and monetizing trade traffic has been made easier for all those using the platform. The company provides tailored solutions for brokers looking for high end binary options trading platforms with multiple features. The company takes great pride in producing reliable partnerships in the trading industry.

TradeSmarter Technologies is a reputable company, focused only on providing platforms to regulated and licensed brokers under its agreement with CySec. The company will bear no relationship whatsoever with brokers not providing authenticated licensing to clients in their area of operation. All clients and partners with TradeSmarter Technologies are required to obtain their regulatory license from the concerned regulatory authorities in the country of operation.