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Israeli Businessmen Profiting Much Out of the Billions of US Dollars Being Traded on Binary Options Platforms Each Year

Yearly Trading Volume

It is said that the yearly binary options trading volume is at least $8 Billion. This number includes all of the trades being made on all binary options websites, including non-regulated broker websites and regulated trustworthy broker websites alike. The businessmen that make the big profit from these volumes are the owners of the platforms and the brokerages, who make large sums of profit from commissions and by trading against the client, meaning that money lost by the client is won by the broker.

How Much Are Israeli Businessmen Making?

FinanceMagnates has reported this week that “the Binary Options Industry Contributes $1.25 Billion To Israeli Economy” this includes all revenues being brought into Israel from the binary options trading arenas. Although binary options are banned in Israel, the ISA – Israel Securities Authority still has not banned the marketing of binary options to clients out side of Israel by Israeli brokers. Many countries and territories have brought binary options trade to a stand still by beginning to finally regulate the market and by banning unregulated brokers from their consumer pools. Canada for example has as of yet not even licensed a single broker to legally solicit clients from Canadian consumers pools.

So if the entire binary options industry has a yearly trade volume of at least $8 billion and a few Israeli businessmen are bringing in %10 as revenue, that would mean that Israel is responsible for owning and managing somewhere around %10 of the binary options industry, less then previously speculated by many. Some have said in the past that Israeli owners manage the whole entire industry. This now seems to be largely an over-exaggeration made by some that are trying to bring the Israeli binary options companies to a halt.