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StsRoyal – A Comprehensive Solution for Everything Crypto


While there is no doubt that cryptocurrencies have become the most-talked about commodity these days, not everyone can invest in them. Yes, they do have a lot of potential and have enabled a number of investors to enjoy high returns. But, you also need to bear in mind that this market is extremely volatile. Pioneer cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, also goes through a lot of ups and downs regularly. Can you deal with kind of uncertainty? If you think you can handle it, you need to find a broker to help you in trading cryptocurrency. StsRoyal ( is a crypto investment platform that has gained recognition in this regard.

Even though it is authorized to offer CFDs for multiple commodities, it specializes in cryptocurrency and has the latest technology and tools and also the best team needed to provide you with the features needed for successful trading. Sure, you can find various other brokers that offer cryptocurrencies as part of their asset index. Needless to say, StsRoyal takes everything a step forward with what it has to offer. How does it do so? Let’s find out:

  • Offering High Level of Security

In the trading world, security is one of the major priority of any investor. With the number of scams and hacks conducted regularly, it is a given that people will be worried when handing over their money to a broker. The safety and security protocols of StsRoyal are some of the most impressive ones that you will come across in a broker. The team behind the broker is aware that a platform cannot be successful unless it is able to keep the personal and financial information of its clients completely under wraps. Moreover, when it comes to protecting the deposits, the highest levels of security are implemented and SSL encryption is used for protecting the data to keep it out of the hands of third parties.

Other than that, StsRoyal doesn’t just allow anyone to sign up on their platform. According to the KYC (Know your Customer) policy they have implemented, investors first need to verify their identity before they can start trading through their platform. What does this entail? This involves providing proof of identity and also proof of residence when you sign up with the broker. Similarly, if you intend to use your credit card to make and withdraw payments, it also needs to be verified. This can keep scams and frauds at a minimum and allow people to trade cryptocurrency with peace of mind.

  • Guidance for Newbies

One of the top reasons trading has become popular these days is because it is easy to get started and there is not that big of a learning curve. You can trade in the financial market even if you don’t have a degree. But, you should understand that it doesn’t mean that you can jump in and learn as you go. Your hard earned money is at risk and you cannot just put it all on the line because it can all be lost with just one trade. When you make progress, you will come to know that there are basic and some advanced strategies that can be used for maximizing your returns. Yet, how do you go from basic to advance? Where do you learn?

Luckily, StsRoyal can take care of this need the right way. The broker provides you with access to a personal consultant who has experience in the crypto industry. They have been part of the market, which means they are familiar with all the ups and downs involved. You can just tap in videos and e-books available online, but hands-on experience is a completely different thing altogether. Your personal consultant will guide you based on what they have actually experienced in the market, which makes it a more realistic and authentic way to learn. Not every broker is going to give you the opportunity to learn from a master, but StsRoyal has made mentoring a part of its platform for crypto traders.

  • Justified Leverages and Margins

When you invest in a trade, the broker may also be willing to contribute some money to it in order to let you try your hand at a bigger piece of the pie. This is referred to as leverage. This can come in handy when you want to make a trade, but just don’t have enough money in your account to make it happen. When you opt for leverage, the broker will put in some money for every dollar you put in. The leverage that StsRoyal can offer you is 1:5 for trading cryptocurrencies. Even though this may seem less, but it is a good way to keep your risks in control as the crypto market is quite volatile.

Online brokers also have margin requirements that traders need to fulfill. This refers to the amount of money they need to leave in their account when making a trade. For instance, some brokers require their users to have at least 5% of the value of the trade in their account before they can execute it. This can be difficult sometimes when you are making a big trade because the amount required is higher. Fortunately, StsRoyal doesn’t have such high margin demands, which makes it affordable for any trader who wants to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

  • Extensive Trading Education

It is true that you don’t have to have an official degree for becoming a crypto trader. Nonetheless, if you enter the financial markets with zero knowledge of its workings, jargon and other similar information, you will simply drown. This is especially true in the case of cryptocurrencies because they are a relatively new investment vehicle and even professional traders are still learning about them.

Cryptocurrencies are not like foreign currencies and the same principles cannot be applied to them as they are decentralized and not under the control of any government. Thus, you need to be well-aware of what cryptocurrencies are, how they can be traded, what affects them and what doesn’t and lots more. All these answers are provided by StsRoyal in their education section, which they have designed for this very purpose.

  • Realistic Commissions and Spreads

An appealing fact about StsRoyal is that the broker has not used commissions as a way of leeching money from its investors. Deposits are free of charge and can be made directly from your crypto wallet. Withdrawal occurs a small charge, but this is usually because it is a blockchain transaction and not something charged by the broker. As a matter of fact, StsRoyal hasn’t even imposed a commission on your overall trading volume. They prefer to use spreads for making their profits so you don’t have to worry about how much you trade through their platform.

Even spreads can be costly if the broker decides to keep them loose because it means they take a huge chunk of your profits for themselves. StsRoyal is renowned for offering the tightest industry spreads, which means that you can walk away with most of the profit and only share a slight portion with the broker. This is a low more reasonable than the trading fee that other brokers are known to charge for providing their services.

  • Reliable Customer Care

What is the most crucial feature of customer service? It has to be available just when you need it. What is the point of having customer care when it cannot help in the time of need? StsRoyal knows and understands this very well due to which their representatives are at your beck and call 24/7. They have provided a live chat feature on the website that can be used to get in touch with them immediately.

If you are more comfortable with email, this option is also available. You can also give them a call and schedule a call back, if need be. Their team is friendly and skilled and they will provide you with appropriate answers that can help. Furthermore, StsRoyal has also created an FAQ section on its website so customers can use it for getting answers to common questions. This saves them from the hassle of contacting customer care department and waiting for a response.


When you are starting out as a crypto trader, you will take things slow and will not go for the big investment right away. Gradually, you will expand your horizons and portfolio and StsRoyal will be able to help you along this process. You will not need to switch brokers because this one is just right for beginner and experienced traders alike. They don’t charge any unnecessary commissions, keep it simple and straightforward, and offer you the best security and reliable customer care and also help in learning more about the world of crypto trading. If that’s not all, you can also use the broker’s services to use some of the best trading tools and strategies, which can go a long way in helping you make successful trades. With StsRoyal, you will have a comprehensive package for becoming a crypto trader.